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On a hot August day in 1994, 76 holidaymakers travel to an island off the North Norfolk coast. Only 75 return alive – a young man is murdered, the case left unsolved.

Publisher: Seven House Digital

Bodies are being exhumed at King's Lynn's cemetery, the bones moved to higher ground to avoid flooding.

Publisher: Penguin

5 September 1992

Fifteen-year-old Norma Jean Judd disappeared from her home never to be seen again.

5 September 2010

Publisher: Penguin

At 5.15 p.m. Harvey Ellis was trapped - stranded in a line of eight cars by a blizzard on a Norfolk coast road.

At 8.15 p.m. Harvey Ellis was dead - viciously stabbed at the wheel of his truck.

Publisher: Penguin

Time is running out for Philip Dryden . . .

In the snowbound landscape of the Cambridgeshire fens, a body is discovered, locked in a block of ice. High on Ely Cathedral a second corpse is found, grotesquely 'riding' a stone gargoyle.

Publisher: Penguin