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For seventeen years, the Cambridgeshire hamlet of Jude's Ferry has lain abandoned, requisitioned by the Government for military training. In its thousand-year-old history, it had been famous for one thing - never having recorded a single crime.

Publisher: Penguin

A man lies hidden in an abandoned boat. Stifling screams, he draws a knife across his arm, letting the blood flow free. Soon he'll be dead - and life can begin again.

Publisher: Penguin

In the past: a man crawls desperately through a claustrophobic escape tunnel beneath a POW camp in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Above, a shadow passes across the moon, while ahead only death awaits him.

Publisher: Penguin

A collection of first rate short stories inspired by stunning landscape pictures. Includes my own offering: The Man Who Didn’t Breathe. The idea for the book came from Ann Cleeves, creator of Shetland and Vera, who met the photographer, David Wilson, at a party.

Publisher: Graffeg